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Resistance Welding Controls

A resistance welding control system is disclosed which comprises a resistance detection unit for detecting an interelectrode resistance by measuring welding current and voltage applied between electrodes; a compensation section for comparing a resistance value as detected with a predetermined model resistance value and determining an amount of compensation of the welding current in accordance with the difference therebetween; and a current control section for controlling the welding current on the basis of the amount of compensation of the compensation section.

UNITROL Controls

ENTRON Controls, LLC. offers the ONLY resistance welding controls backed by a two year warranty, the industry's longest, and a lifetime of commitment to service.

We offer a full line of microprocessor-based solid state welding controls for new or retrofit applications.
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ENTRON Controls, LLC.

UNITROL Controls provides premium quality controls to a demanding market. Years of experience have ensured quality products and customer service that are unmatched in the industry.

These controls provide excellent customization and durability that will stand up to the toughest punishment.
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