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Spotwelding Consultants Inc. is a stocking distributor for "Western Arctronics" We handle the rocker arm and press type spot welders. We sell all spare parts for "Western Arctronics" and can provide service if needed. Please contact us for you specific requirements.

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Six Basic Models - 5, 10, 15, 30, 40, and 50 KVA.

Foot Pedal Operated

Operator foot pressure on foot pedal operates arms and tip closure. Tip pressure adjustable through the variable spring compression in foot pedal linkage. Frequency and speed of operation determined by operator. Electronic timer controls weld time Automatically.

See Specifications and available arm lengths

Air Operated Semi-Automatic

Air Pressure is utilized to replace operator actuation. An air cylinder actuates the arm and tip closure which is triggered by a foot switch. An air pressure regulator and Air Filter is provided. The top pressure is adjustable through a special Air Pressure Sensing Control which actuates the weld cycle time. A two stage heavy-duty foot switch is connected to the spot welder with portable cable and plug-in, allowing large radius of operation for even the largest sheet metal sections. Two stage design allows closure of tips only, further depression triggers weld cycle. Foot switch can be unplugged and removed to prevent unauthorized operation of machine.

See Specifications and available arm lengths


Air Operated Fully Automatic

Incorporates all the features of the air operated model except an Automatic Sequence Programmer is added consisting of four electronic timed functions - squeeze, weld, cool, off. This model is outstanding where high production, precision repeatability and fully automatic operations are required. The sequence programmer has a repeat and non-repeat control. The repeat setting will allow continuous repeated weld cycles as long as foot switch is depressed. The non-repeat setting will perform complete welding cycle on each depression of foot switch. A test switch is also provided causing all functions to be active except the actual welding allowing for inspection or set up of weld sequence program. The foot switch can be replaced with an actuating switch on customer's production fixture allowing a completely automatic unmanned welding operation.

See Specifications and available arm lengths. Please call for pricing on Spotwelders. Due to options available it is difficult to provide prices online.

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