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Resistance Welding Manual - 4th EditionResistance Welding Manual, 4th Edition

The Resistance Welding Manufacturers' Association (RWMA) has set the standard for resistance welding worldwide. RWMA's most authoritative text about the resistance welding industry is an absolute must for anyone who wants to increase production capabilities, upgrade product quality and maximize the use of manufacturing resources. The Resistance Welding Manual, 4th Edition describes the entire resistance welding process, including theory, methods, materials, equipment and accessories. Chapters include the various processes--spot, projection, seam, flash and upset welding and much more. Published in 1989 by the Resistance Welder Manufacturers' Association. 460 8-1/2" x 11" hardbound pages.

Resistance Welding Manual - 4th EditionBulletin #5 - Resistance Welding Control Standards
This RWMA Bulletin defines and explains the major areas of interest with regards to the Weld Control. If you’re looking for simple explanations of what and how the Weld Control works this Bulletin is required reading. Different types of Weld Controls are discussed as well as timing diagrams, Input/Output connections, SCR sizing and terminal markings. Critical standards of performance are explained, for example, voltage compensation. Additional standards for safety, construction, installation and operation all provide the user with a clear understanding of weld control standards. 62 softbound pages.

Resistance Welding Manual - 4th EditionBulletin #14 - Maintenance Manual for Resistance Welding Machines
This manual looks at the entire welding machine and explains the various sub-systems which are required to operate the machine. The reader will learn about the electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic and cooling systems proper safely techniques, installation and maintenance. Additionionally, several trouble shooting instructional guides provide important information on the proper operation of the welding machine. Quality control measures and helpful preventive maintenance instructions are provided to the user in simple easy to follow instructions. Although many of the personal operating and maintaining welding machines today are skilled craftsman this manual focus’ and explains how these technical disciplines can be optimized towards the ultimate expected outcome, that of a good weld. This manual should be required reading for all personnel that work on welding machines.

Resistance Welding Manual - 4th EditionBulletin #16 - Resistance Welding Equipment Standards
A comprehensive bulletin consisting of RWMA standards for welding equipment, including electrical, electrode, and fluidpower standards. Published in 1996 by the Resistance Welder Manufacturers' Association, in a 1-1/2" 3-ring binder.




Resistance Welding Manual - 4th EditionBulletin #34 - Manufacturer's Cross References of Standard Resistance Welding Electrode Numbers and Alloys
Bullet # 34 has been complied as an electrode cross-reference aid for equipment users, designers and manufactures. This bullet defines the standard RWMA tips, caps, ejector holders, shanks, specials as well as other electrode components. As an added assistance to the user, the RWMA, standard numbers, have been cross-referenced against member companies part numbers. Typical of the information provided is the taper number, face material, diameter., nut size, stud size, and shank length. An easy to understand chart, table and drawing are provided for each classification of electrode. 13 softbound pages.


Resistance Welding Manual - 4th EditionIntroduction to Resistance Welding Video (VHS) 1999
A comprehensive training video that covers all four processes - spot, projection, seam and flash/butt welding. It explains the basic principles of the processes, the components of the machines, electrodes, tooling, controls, and transformers, including machine setup. It is a great tool to introduce your new and experienced personnel to the resistance welding process. Running time: 52 Minutes

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