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Sunstone Engineering is dedicated to providing complete solutions to our customer needs. That's why we offer nickel strip for battery pack manufacturing. Cut your own strip length by purchasing our 25 foot spools or buy pre-cut nickel tabs to save time. Sunstone can also provide larger nickel spools on request. (" = inch, ' = ft)

SN250N54 0.25"w x 0.005"t x 25'L spooled nickel strip
SN125N54 0.125"w x 0.005"t x 25'L spooled nickel strip
SN125N34 0.125"w x 0.003"t x 25'L spooled nickel strip
SN250N54_1.125L 0.25"w x 0.005"t x 1.125"L pre-cut nickel strip
SN125N54_0.75L 0.125"w x 0.005"t x 0.75"L pre-cut nickel strip
SN125N34_0.80L 0.125"w x 0.003"t x 0.80"L pre-cut nickel strip
SNSSP Nickel Spool Sample Pack (3 Spools)
One 10 ft spool of each material listed above
SNPSP Nickel Precut Sample Pack (3 Spools)
100pc of each precut material listed above

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