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Dot Welding: A revolutionary fusion process...

  • Fills cavities, scratches, undercuts and other imperfections in alloys of steel and iron.
  • Eliminates the need for costly annealing, welding and rehardening procedures on base metal items.
  • Many repairs can be done right on the job, even without removing the part.

With the Western Arctronics Dot Welder, you can...

  • Restore and repair plastic molding dies and injection dies.
  • Salvage precision rollers, dies, pistons and cylinders.
  • Fill imperfections prior to plating, grinding, etc.
  • Repair foundry castings.

The WA 27A Dot Welder is a 60 cycle, single phase, alternating current transformer equipped with the necessary controls to electrically fuse new metal pellets to the base metal in the repair of molds, dies, and other surfaces where a smooth finish is required. It's function is somewhat similar to that of a conventional spotwelder but does not require the complex sequence timing and forging pressure necessary for spot welding. Basically the transformer changes the line voltage to a low open circuit voltage as a result of the ratio of wire turns and consequently gives rise to a very high amperage in the secondary leads. This high current density in the secondary line creates the useful heat for fusing the pellet into the base metal.

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Model WA 27A Dot Welder
Model WA 27A - Dot Welder

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