Fine-Spot Resistance Welders

160ws Dual Pulse Fine-Spot Resistance Welders

The 160 Dual Pulse Capacitive Discharge Fine-Spot Resistance Welders provide the ideal resistance spot welding equipment. The 160 watt second fine-spot resistance welder combines affordability and power. The welder's Dual Pulse Feature aids in the welding process. The first pulse heats the weld area to eliminate contaminants and then seats the weld electrodes. The second pulse is a higher energy weld that performs a clean, strong weld. Both pulses occur within milli-seconds.

Features of the 160ws Fine-Spot Resistance Welder

  • Dual Pulse operation removes surface inconsistencies and contaminants
  • Single or Dual Pulse operation
  • Infinitely adjustable pulse width
  • Up to 600 welds/min
  • Intuitive user interface

Typical Applications of the 160ws Fine-Spot Resistance Welder

  • Battery pack welding
  • Cross wire welding
  • Thermocouple welding
  • Welding electronic components
  • Copper aluminum and brass thin sheet and wire
  • Miscellaneous resistive applications

Technical Specifications

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