Dynamic CD Spot Welders

D-CD320 Dynamic CD Spot Welders

The D-CD320 has been designed for maximum versatility and productivity The D-CD320 offers both DC and CD waveforms. The DC mode is ideal for thermocompression bonding applications - especially when welding magnet wire or enamel coated wires. Weld output can be adjusted up to 12V or as low as 0.2V, with a pulse width that can be adjusted from 500ms down to 0.5ms.

In addition to the DC mode, the D-CD320 can be used as a normal CD welder for a variety of resistance welding applications. The CD mode offers a smooth weld energy discharge curve that ensures strong weld nuggets and smooth weld surface formation. Total energy ranges from 320 watt-seconds down to 0.1 watt-seconds.

Both weld modes offer dual pulse welding capabilities. The dual pulse function of these welders offer some key benefits for many applications. Pulse 1 can be used to melt away wire enamel coatings or to preheat a weld spot - thus cleaning off contaminates from the part surfaces. In either application, pulse 1 helps prepare the pieces and facilitate the weld process to help improve the overall welding process and nugget formation.

Depending on the needs of the particular application, Sunstone Engineering offers a variety of weld heads and micro-force weld heads that can be used with the D-CD320. Please Contact Us to learn what system recommendations we have to offer for your particular application.

D-CD320 Spot Welder Features

  • Two Welding Technologies in One Welder
  • DC and CD Waveforms
  • Single or Dual Pulse Operation
  • Fine Control of Low Energies

Typical D-CD320 Welding Applications

  • Thermocompression Bonding
  • Microjoining
  • Magnet Wire Welding
  • Welding Enamel Coated Wires
  • Wire to Chip Welding
  • Reflow Soldering
  • Fire Wire and Ribbon Welding

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