Equipment - Capacitive Discharge Welders

Sunstone Welding Hand Pieces Datasheet
Dual Probe (DPHP), Single Probe (SPHP), Tweezer (THP)


  • Greater flexibility than a weld head
  • Works with any Sunstone welder
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to maintain
  • Simple to use



The Dual Probe Hand Piece (DPHP)

The dual probe hand piece (DPHP) allows single sided, series welds to be made in thin sheet metal. The DPHP offers the flexibility to weld from any angle, at any orientation. Make two welds from the same side of a work piece with each weld actuation.

Figure 1:  A cordless drill battery pack being welded using the dual probe hand piece (DPHP) welding attachment.

The Single Probe Hand Piece (SPHP)

The single probe hand piece (SPHP) is used to make single point welds in thin sheet metal. The SPHP can be used for hard to reach locations or in fixtures by attaching to a ground plane.

Figure 2: The single probe hand piece (SPHP) being used to weld thin sheet metal.

The Tweezer Hand Piece (THP)

The tweezer hand piece (THP) can be used when opposing surfaces are available. The THP allows great flexibly in weld location and can reach locations that a conventional opposed weld head cannot.

Figure 3:  The tweezer hand piece (THP) being used to weld thin sheet metal.

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