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Hand Held Weld Attachments

Many welding applications require the flexibility and versatility of a hand held welding attachment.  Hand held attachments allow welding of complex geometries that would require expensive fixturing when using conventional welding heads.  Hand held attachments provide a way for laboratories and businesses to lower their overall weld system costs.  In general welding hand pieces are simple to use, require low maintenance, and provide a great deal of flexibility for small production runs or research environments.

SPHP - Single Probe Hand Piece

  • Single welding stylus for complicated welds or hard to reach geometries
  • Alligator clip to ground plane or base metal
  • Ideal for strain-gauge welding

DPHP - Dual Probe Hand Piece

  • Two stylus type welding electrodes for single sided welding
  • Two weld spots are made with each weld discharge
  • Perfect for battery pack manufacturing

THP-A - Tweezer Hand Piece A

  • Tweezer style opposed weld attachment
  • Small profile to reach into small areas (~ 1/2" inch x 1/2" inch)
  • Tips can be shaped with a small file to weld sheet or wire

THP-B - Tweezer Hand Piece B with Interchangeable Electrodes

  • Accepts 1/8" copper or tungsten electrodes
  • 4 gauge cabling for efficient power transfer
  • Weld steel and copper as well as a variety of other materials

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