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Single Pulse Laboratory Resistance Welders


Sunstone Single Pulse CD spot welders are designed to deliver welds for micro-scale to large-scale applications such as battery pack manufacturing.  The CD100SP 100 watt-second welder can be adjusted down to 0.015 watt-seconds (joules).  The CD100SP and CD200SP can also be adjusted up to 100 ws and 200 ws, respectively, to perform larger-scale welds.

Sunstone welder interface is easy to use and flexible enough to weld a wide variety of materials.  The welder is intended for use in a research laboratory or light production environment.

Sunstone's goal is to provide quality products at affordable prices for small and large businesses.


  • Energy Storage from 0.015 watt-seconds to 200 watt-seconds
  • Infinitely adjustable pulse width (how much energy is released)
  • Peak weld currents of up to 6400A (1mOhm load)
  • Minimum weld currents of 80A (1mOhm load or lower with increased load)
  • Available in 100 and 200 watt-second versions
  • Peak repetition rates of 166 welds/minute with external power supply
  • Standard repetition rates of 30 or 13 welds / minute (100ws and 200ws)
  • Simple and intuitive welder interface
  • Up and running in minutes without any prior welding experience

Typical applications

  • Battery pack welding
  • Cross wire welding
  • Thermo-couple welding
  • Medical/dental weldments
  • Copper aluminum and brass thin sheet and wire
  • Miscellaneous resistive applications

Techincal Resources

Sunstone Single Pulse Welder Datasheet
Sunstone Single Pulse Welder Instruction Pamphlet

Watch Quicktime DP Video (similar to SP): Low | Med

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