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Controls for Resistance Welding EN2000 Dual Schedule/Dual Sequence S2H Controls

  • Spot Sequence
  • Dual Weld/Dual Current Sequence
  • External Schedule Select
  • Error Outputs
  • LED Status Indicators
  • All Functions Displayed Simultaneously
  • Optional Manual Current Adjust
  • Hierarchical Initiation Structure
  • Two Schedules
  • Repeat & Non-Repeat
  • Weld & Valve Control Relays
  • One Valve Output
  • Dual Weld Programming
  • Easily Programmed

Unique to ENTRON. All EN2000 Single Contactor Control in D or T cabinets feature provisions for field installation or change of circuit breakers.


  • Simple to Program
  • Direct Reading Digital Data Display
  • Simplified Design
  • Quality Tested to Performance Extremes
    Each unit is tested to its maximum capability to assure performance at customary operating levels. ENTRON is the only resistance welding controls with the excellent performance history.
  • Dedicated Dual Schedule/ Dual Sequence Controls
    Designed for use with single phase welding machines, rocker arm, press type welders, robotic equipment, and special machines.
  • Design Simplicity
    Design simplicity is the key to our ability to manufacture the highest quality weld control with the best delivery, least maintenance, and lowest out-of-warranty service in the industry.
  • Field Expandable
    ENTRON can provide retrofit controls suitable for any manufacturer's controls of any age, type or sequence for installation in the field.
  • Vault Closing Door Mechanism
    D & T cabinet doors equipped with vault locking mechanism to ensure security.
  • Applications
    EN2000 Single Contactor Controls can be applied to spot welders, special machines, or robotic equipment for welding.
  • Multiple Cabinet Options
    Available in D & T cabinet styles with front or side-mounted control panels.
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Entron Controls, do not weld without them!

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