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Controls for Resistance Welding EN1501 Constant Current Seam Welding Controls

  • Seam Sequence
  • Preheat/Postheat
  • Continuous/Intermittent
  • Up/Down Slope
  • Beat/Non-Beat Operation
  • End of Sequence Output
  • Optional Manual Current Adjust
  • Hierarchical Initiation Structure
  • 50 Unique Schedules
  • Weld & Valve Control Relays
  • One Valve Output
  • Multiple Job Set-ups
  • Easy to Program
  • Program Only the Functions Required
  • Spot/Roll Spot

Constant Current

  • Primary or Secondary Sensing
  • Two minute Set-Up Procedure
  • No Transformer Turns Ratio
    Calculation Required
  • Constant Current Program Modes:
    • Percent Current Steps
    • Secondary Current Kiloamperes
    • Proportional to Maximum Current
  • Range: 1,000 to 50,000 Secondary Amperes
  • Current Monitor with Hi/Lo Limits


  • Constant Current
    Quick response algorithms use learned weld current characteristics to compensate for weld current changes.
  • Simple to Program
    Push-buttons and a three-step procedure make easy work of programming any welding schedule.
  • Two Year Warranty
    A two year warranty is offered on all ENTRON parts and assemblies. Expert phone support and application service are available at no cost.
  • Change Current "On the Fly"
    While welding, change current "on the fly" with Manual Current Adjust (optional).
  • Direct Replacement for EN500
  • Unique Design
    Specifically designed for ALL types of seam welding, including roll spot.
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Entron Controls, do not weld without them!

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