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Controls for Resistance Welding EN1001 Constant Current/Multiple Sequence Controls

  • Spot Sequence
  • Pulsation Sequence
  • Seam Sequence
  • Up & Down-Slope
  • Chained & Successive Modes
  • External Schedule Select
  • Process & Error Outputs
  • Five Programmable Stepper
  • 50 Schedules
  • Repeat / Non Repeat
  • 3 Valve Outputs
  • Schedule to Schedule copy
  • Extended Functions accessible via the Front Panel make Boardmounted dipswitches virtually obsolete
  • Front Panel layout permits quick access to all needed parameters
  • Program only functions required
  • Multiple weld programs
  • Multiple current sequence
  • Pre-Heat / Post Heat
  • Multiple job schedule storage
  • Quench and Temper
  • Flash / Butt Welding
  • Diverse schedule capabilities
    provide maximum application

Constant Current
Current Sensors:
  • Secondary Flexible Rogowski Coil or Primary Coil.
  • Secondary Flexible Rogowski Coil permits direct secondary kilo-Ampere programming and reading. Monitoring with High and Low limits.
  • Automatic Tap Up/Range Down or Tap Down/Range Up indicator.
  • Toggle function displays kilo-Ampere or Percent Current. Function helps avoid setups in very low or very high percent phase shifts.
  • All sensors permit Current Monitoring with High and Low limits.
  • Simple secondary range setting requires no setup. Secondary operating range of 2kA to 100kA.
  • Quick primary setup. Control learns and adapts to any machine size when primary sensing is used.
  • Welding Transformer ratio measurements not required for proper Constant Current Operation in percent mode with primary sensor.
  • Secondary ampere programming is available when a primary sensor is used and transformer ratio is provided.
Expanded Capabilities (Requires additional hardware)
  • Schedule Select 49 [S49] Option
    Allows direct binary selection and initiation of any of 50 schedules in Spot Mode. Switch Weld Current on the fly to any of 50 currents in Seam Mode.
  • IPSC Options
    • Integrated Pressure Control [IPC]
      Weld Control stores an independent value of Pressure or Force in each of 50 Schedules. Associates Pressure with Squeeze time for concurrent valve actuation.
    • Integrated Pressure Sensing [IPS]
      Weld Control stores an independent value of Pressure or Force in each of 50 Schedules. Associates sensed Pressure with Pressure Switch input for Pressure/ Force level weld triggering.
    • Integrated Pressure Sense and Control [IPSC]
      Weld control combines the previous two options into a full pressure control and monitoring system.
  • RS485 Communication
    Control can be networked along with 63 other units for remote programming and monitoring. Up to 32 Masters allow for grouping within a network. Up to 32 PC hosts allow for programming or statistical data collection or error monitoring.
  • RS232
    provides Serial communication
    Communication software provides PC and Laptop interface for remote programming and monitoring of EN1001 series controls. ENLINK for WINDOWS Communication software is included with RS485 option.
  • Memory Module [MM2]
    designed as a backup device for any EN1001 series control or as Copy/ Download device for all Data from one Control to another.
  • Valve Select 1 of 7 [VS]
    This option provides 7 additional decoded outputs from the 3 standard EN1001 series controls.
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