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Controls for Resistance Welding EN1003
Multiple Schedule/Multiple Sequence 3 Phase DC Controls

  • 3 SCR Contactors
  • Spot Sequence
  • Pulsation Sequence
  • Up & Down Slope
  • Quench/Temper
  • Forge Delay
  • Multiple Weld/Multiple Current Sequence
  • Preheat/Postheat
  • External Schedule Select
  • Seam Sequence
  • Brazing
  • Flash Welding
  • Retraction
  • Squeeze Delay
  • Stepper
  • 50 Unique Schedules
  • Chained & Successive Modes
  • Repeat & Non-Repeat
  • Weld & Valve Control Relays
  • 3 Valve Outputs
  • Multiple Weld Programming
  • Multiple Job Set-Ups
  • Easily Programmed
  • Program Only the Functions

  • Simple to Program
    Push buttons and a short three-step procedure make easy work of programming any possible welding schedule.
  • New Design Reduces Cost
    Simplified design significantly reduces production costs which are passed on to you.
  • Quality Tested to Performance Extremes
    Each unit is tested to its maximum capability to assure performance at customary operating levels. ENTRON - the only resistance welding controls with the excellent performance history.
  • Application Flexibility
    Transformers can be connected in an Inside Delta, Outside Delta, or "Y" configuration.
  • Design Simplicity
    Design simplicity is the key to our ability to manufacture the highest quality weld control, the best delivery, and the lowest service requirements in the industry.
  • Field Expandable
    ENTRON can provide retrofit controls suitable for any manufacturer's controls, of any age, type or sequence, for field installation.
  • Vault Door Locking Mechanism
    All cabinet doors equipped with a vault locking mechanism to insure security.
  • Flexible Applications
    EN1003 controls can be applied to spot welders, seam welders, special machines, or robotic equipment for welding a full range of weldable materials.
  • Multiple Cabinet Options
    Available in D, T, L and H cabinet styles with front or side-mounted control panels.

Unique to ENTRON. All EN1003 3 Phase DC Controls in L & H Cabinets feature provisions for field installation or change of circuit breakers.

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